Serving Eastern Washington County Maine and Western Charlotte County New Brunswick
We are connected by a river, a bridge, and a shared love of quilting.

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Christmas Party  

 This a reminder that our SCIQ Christmas Party will be held next Wednesday at 1 pm at the Woodland Baptist Church.  If you plan to attend please bring something to share for the food table, paper towels or postage money for Sarah's house, and a gift that is not scented and is not food. If you haven't already signed up and wish to come to the party, just let me know. 

Below is a list of those who signed up to bring food.

Val ------------------------ Pasta, prawn, and tuna salad
Sue McIver  ------------ Casserole
Wanda --------------------Mac and Cheese
Anna & Peggy ----------Brownies
Paulyne -------------------Pineapple Cake
Lindy ----------------------Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Gilda ------------------------Beans & Sausage
Liz ---------------------------Sweet Potato Casserole
Marlene ---------------------Potato Salad
Jude -------------------------Sweets
Mary Ann -------------------Punch
Mary Louise ----------------Sweets
Ulla ----------------------------Casserole
Teresa Porter ---------------Cookies



Both Sides of the Border and Beyond

St. Croix International Quilters, a chapter of Pine Tree Quilters Guild of Maine, was organized in 1982 and currently has approximately 60 enthusiastic members from both sides of the US/Canadian border at Calais, Maine, and St. Stephen, New Brunswick, plus women from the Machias, Maine area.  Our members are quilters at all levels―most are beginner or intermediate quilters.  We have a few members who have taught quilting classes and some who are very advanced but we all learn something from each other, regardless of our own skill level.

For details about any of our workshops and meetings, check the calendar page.  Feel free to join us at meetings that may be of interest to you; try us out.  Workshops are open to the public as space permits.  You may enjoy yourself so much you'll decide to join our group. 

For more information about St. Croix Quilters,
call president Sue McIver at
(207) 427-6967   Cell  (207) 214-5256

What's New!!



     If you'd like to make a chapter quilt label, click here for the format you wish to use.  PDF    PDFe    Word  Worde 

    There are 4 labels on a sheet; you can either print it on paper and trace on fabric with a fine-point, permanent Pigma pen or print the

                                     page on paper-backed fabric sheets especially made for printers.

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