When planning a quilt, its use or purpose is an important starting point.  Use graph paper, ruler, and pencil to sketch a plan for your quilt, changing the design elements as needed to come as close to your ideal size as possible.  The chart below may help you determine the best quilt size for you.  The sizes shown are suggested sizes and may be changed to accommodate your quilt design and need. 

Comforter dimensions include a 10" to 14" drop (depending on the thickness of the mattress) on the sides and bottom without extra for the pillow tuck.  A comforter should cover the mattress completely and is designed for use with a dust ruffle and pillow shams. 

Coverlet/Bedspread dimensions include a 18" to 21" drop (depending on the thickness of the mattress) on the sides and bottom and 12" for the pillow tuck.  Depending on the mattress thickness, your coverlet may almost reach the floor.

Remember that moderate to heavy quilting (whether it be by hand or machine) may shrink a quilt 1"-3".  Consider this shrinkage when planning the finished size.

Bed Size (mattress) Suggested Size for Comforter Suggested Size for Coverlet/Bedspread

Bassinet  (13" x 28")

24" x 36" --

Crib  (27" x 52")

36" x 60" --

Sofa/Lap  (no mattress size)

54" x 66" --

Twin  (38" x 75")

66" x 89" 80" x 108"

Long Twin  (38" x 80")

66" x 94" 80" x 113"

Double/Full  (54" x 75")

82" x 94" 96" x 108"

Queen  (60" x 80")

88" x 94" 102" x 113"

King  (76" x 80")

104" x 94" 118" x 113

California King  (72" x 84")

100" x 98" 114" x 117"